Floored Genius – put beauty at your feet – we provide luxury poured resin and microscreed floors

As one of the UK’s leading providers of poured resin floors and microscreeds, Floored Genius’ floors provide exciting and innovative, design-led options when it comes to creating a modern floor for the 21st century.

Floored Genius install truly stunning poured resin floors and microscreeds which put luxury and beauty right beneath your feet. Our revolutionary poured resin flooring is chic, sleek and extremely stylish, whilst our waxed concrete microscreeds are an innovative alternative to polished concrete. Beautiful floors and unique, bespoke poured resin floor and microscreed designs inspired by you; Floored Genius will provide you with hand crafted, seamless microscreed and poured resin flooring at the very forefront of interior design.

Whether you’re looking for an innovative, unique residential flooring solution, or an inspiring, cutting edge look for your commercial property, a poured resin floor or microscreed is incredibly well-suited to both domestic and commercial interiors.

Modern and natural: The magic of microscreed floors

Microscreed flooring is a natural mineral material that will give you an authentic alternative to polished concrete. The application of finishing products will seal your floor, preventing dirt from seeping into the floor. A satin or matt finish allows you to create the floor that you imagined

Microscreed floors are created from a long lasting material that will resist everyday stains and abrasions.

Microscreed floors are compatible with underfloor heating

Style and functionality: The practical beauty of poured resin floors

Poured resin flooring is one of the few flooring solutions which is both incredibly beautiful and fantastically functional all at once. It is not only noise absorbent but highly durable, soft beneath your feet and easy to clean. In the meantime, poured resin floors offer you a stunning finish which cannot be matched by conventional flooring materials.

Poured resin floors are an extraordinarily creative flooring solution which can be designed to achieve any effect you have in mind. From bespoke patterns and effects, to any colour you can imagine – they can even incorporate glamorous sparkle and a liquid surface look.

Poured Resin floors are compatible with underfloor heating.

If you’re interested in flooring which is easy to care for, long-lasting and at the cutting edge of modern flooring design, please call us now on 01446 746555 or use the contact page on this website to request a consultation with one of our poured resin or microscreed flooring design team.

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