Sustainable Seamless Flooring

We are delighted to be working with Eurocol and MC Surfaces to bring Liquid Design a seamless, sustainable, alternative to poured resin flooring to the UK market.

This innovative product uses a  combination of cork, wood dust, linseed oil and bio polymers, to create a poured floor that doesn’t cost the earth.

Over the coming months we will be working with clients,  Architects and designers who care about the future to see how this sustainable product can help decision makers improve their decision making and lessen the impact of seamless flooring on the environment.

Sustainable Seamless Flooring
Liquid Design


A Sight for Sore Eyes

We have been at our most creative to help transform the shop space at Bailey & Nelson’s new Clapham store in to a smart new boutique.

The building had an old timber floor, so needed a structural dry screed board installing over floor joists to ensure our MC Poured Solo resin flooring could be applied seamlessly to the entire floor. A robust solution for a busy retail space.

New plaster stud walls were coated with Solacir® Interiors Microscreed to give them a solid concrete look and our design flair allowed different coloured icons to be stencilled within the wall surface.

The combination of contemporary resin flooring and the mineral finish of the walls creates a subtle background to show off the stylish eyewear on offer at Bailey & Nelson.

Micro Icons



Microscreed at Harrods

We were delighted to have been chosen by Architects Franklin Azzi to install Solacir Interiors Microscreed flooring for Isabel Marant at Harrods.

The neutral Ceres colour gives a subtle finish to the natural Microscreed flooring that blends in well with the Italian marble walls.

This Microscreed floor can be found in the International Designers section of Harrods on the First Floor.


Toms’ New London Store

Our latest Solacir Interiors Microscreed floor has been installed at the new Toms store just off Carnaby Street in London.

We are delighted to have worked with a such progressive company as Toms and encourage everyone who visits to see a Microscreed floor to buy something, even if it is just a coffee to earn the benefit of there ‘one to one’ charity scheme.

Toms Microscreed Floor

It is hard to tell from the finished photos, but the existing floor is not solid, it is a suspended floor on timber joists. Floored Genius’ technical expertise has enabled us to engineer a solution to give the client a floor with a solid concrete finish.

Refurbishment projects can be tricky, so a versatile material like Solacir Interiors’ Microscreed is ideal for an old building in London with an existing timber floor that requires a contemporary concrete finish.

Only Solacir Interiors Microscreed has enough tensile strength to be laid on to suspended substrates. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations !


Goodbye to 2014

2014 has been a busy year for Floored Genius.

Although our focus started with providing quality floors for the private home, we have also ventured in to the commercial market.

We started small scale with some interesting Microscreed retail projects for Yacco Maricard, the Stow Brothers and Aphrodite. 

However, it didn’t take long to generate real interest with designers and Architects as Solacir Interiors’ Microscreed is such a versatile product.

A stunning feature staircase was encased in Microscreed for UKTV at their new Hammersmith offices.

An innovative seamless Microscreed floor was installed on top of raised access flooring for Octopus Investments at their new offices at 33 Holborn and the same for SEB at 1 Carter Lane. 

Who’d have thought that you could have a ‘crack free’ concrete finish on top of existing raised access flooring ! 

Looking forward to 2015 as we develop more interesting opportunities for Solacir Interiors’ Microscreed.


Microscreed in Marylebone

Yacco Maricard, the Japanese design house have opened a second shop in London to showcase their unfussy, classic clothing range, and we were delighted to be asked by Aldworth, James and Bond to provide a microscreed floor surface on top of a new timber substrate. 

Their space was totally transformed as the microscreed gives a natural stone effect (even though it was installed over timber boards) giving a distinctive yet unobtrusive look which sits perfectly with the rich colours of the clothing.

Microscreed Stone Floor
Stone 0.5% with a satin finish

Why not pop along and enjoy the energetic environment of Marylebone Lane to appreciate both the flooring and clothing!


Becca London

Sad news that Becca London have gone into liquidation.

The high gloss white floor that we installed at their flagship store in Knightsbridge was one of our favourites.

High gloss white floor
A beautiful high gloss white floor