The Academy Espresso Bar

There’s an excellent new espresso bar in Barry at the Pumphouse.

Apart from the great coffee they also serve craft beer and cocktails, so we will certainly be regular visitors.

On this project we helped with the construction of a concrete style bar top and a large concrete style sharing table. Using Solacir® Interiors Microscreed as a lightweight overlay it is possible to construct a table or bartop out of timber and encapsulate it in a concrete finish, ready for polishing and sealing.

Concrete Bartop

Once polished the clear polyurethane sealers are applied to the surface which is ideal for a working countertop that will be exposed to spills from coffee, wine etc

Academy Espresso Bar

Academy Espresso bar






Top Five Tips on Concrete Flooring

Deciding to use a concrete floor or surfacing for your home or business can have many benefits: it’s stylish, long-lasting, practical and hypoallergenic. Here are our top tips on choosing the right concrete flooring for you:


Stow Bros BlogDo your research
There are a multitude of poured concrete floors out there and it’s important to select the right one for your family, home or customers. Make sure you take the time to investigate all of your options and talk directly to the professionals before making any decisions.

Know the risks
Polished concrete floors can often require maintenance and care to keep them looking their best. Spills need to be cleaned up quickly or there’s a risk of staining. Many polished concrete floors are prone to cracking and discolouration, so consider investing in a Microscreed option for a sustainable product, which is more suitable for home flooring or bathroom surfaces.

Style Counts
Concrete floors are a stylish and modern feature for homes and commercial Restoration Man Bolgbuildings alike. As with all interior design, concrete flooring will look best when it complements your existing surroundings. With something like a poured resin floor the colour options are truly limitless, so you can create the right style for you.

Go Green
Sustainability is everything nowadays. Not only does thinking about the longevity of your floor mean that you can plan ahead, it also means you can save money, time and energy whilst contributing towards a greener and more sustainable future. Unlike timer, tiles or carpet, at the end of its finished flooring life, a concrete floor is part of the structure so there is no residual waste to remove. A Microscreed option won’t even use any harsh chemicals, as it’s water-based.

Safety First
Whether you’re concerned for your family or your customers make sure that the floor you choose will stay clean, safe and smooth. Most poured resin and Microscreed flooring is seamless, hypoallergenic and waterproof, but explore all the options available with this in mind before making your choice.


Another Floor Poured by the Team at FG

Just in case you ever wondered what a poured floor looks like when its being poured, here is our latest duo floor being poured over the weekend.

This is the aliphatic polyurethane base material being poured on to a cement based screed that we primed with an epoxy the previous day. Once this material levels out and cures we can seal the surface and hand over the floor.

A beautiful house that deserves a beautiful floor, hopefully we will have some finished photos to show you soon.

Poured Genius Resin Floor
A Poured Genius resin floor being installed


Elle Decoration (June 2013) – Microscreed

One of our microscreed floors features in the ‘Flouro and Flora’ article in this month’s Elle Decoration magazine. 

It is used as part of a ‘neutral backdrop’ to show off some inspiring flower displays.

The microscreed floor we installed at this location had a 5% stone pigment and a matt aspect.

Microscreed flooring in Elle Decoration magazine
Elle Decoration June 2013

Solacir Interiors’ microscreed floors are a great alternative to polished concrete and can be installed on existing concrete, screed, tiled or even timber floors to give an authentic and unique concrete finish in a variety of colours and a selection of gloss, satin or matt finishes.


Reflection Resin

Remind me why did we call this product Reflection ?

High gloss speciality resin flooring
High gloss speciality resin flooring

Our speciality resin Reflection flooring is a unique product that not only looks amazing, but will stay looking amazing. This resin has unique properties which means it will resist scratches better than any other gloss resin floor.


Not Just Beautiful Floors

Resin painted bar stools











Our resins are great for making floors, but sometimes the genius within us means we have to try something different, like these bar stools.

These are individually painted by hand using our high performance resins to give a unique look. The results are spectacular ! It goes to show how versatile the product is and what you can create with a little imagination and know how.

Please use our call back form if you’d like further information.


Real Homes

Look out this month for the excellent Julia Kendell feature on flooring in Real Homes magazine (January issue). Some great flooring ideas for every room and a mention for Floored Genius.


Is this the World’s most beautiful floor ?

The people at Becca Cosmetics know all about beauty, that’s why they chose our speciality resin Reflection flooring to light up their flagship store in London.

Floored Genius installed this floor over an existing tiled substrate and the finished floor not only looks fantastic, but it is seamless, easy to clean and has great resistance to scratching.

Reflection speciality resin