Modern decorative concrete flooring

Solacir Interiors 

As the leading UK provider of Solacir Interiors decorative concrete flooring products we are able to offer tried and tested products from the leading French supplier of Beton Ciré Microscreed and decorative self levelling concrete Coulis.

An alternative to polished concrete floors

Polished concrete floors offer an excellent solution for some applications, however, we believe coulis and microscreed flooring provides a more versatile, cost effective and suitable floor, whether in a residential setting or a commercial environment.

How we do business

Due to the growing popularity of Solacir Interiors as the preferred alternative to polished concrete we are now working with Approved Contractors to offer these flooring products across the UK on domestic projects. We are still offering a ‘Supply and Install’ service on commercial projects and large residential projects, but there is a limit to the amount of work we can install with our own teams. Please feel free to send information on all projects as we still offer full technical support, budget costs and advice in the first instance, it is only in the final execution of the project that we hand over to our Approved Contractors.

Why do so many people prefer microscreed and coulis to polished concrete?

Coulis and microscreed flooring provide a number of features that a polished concrete floor simply can’t. Polished concrete floors are traditionally grey whereas this modern mineral material can be created in a wide range of colours, tones and aspects. Microscreed flooring also has elastic qualities whereas polished concrete floors are brittle. This ensures that microscreed will not tear, is less prone to cracking and will not stain in the same way as a polished concrete floor.

Contemporary microscreed flooring is far more suitable for use in high-end residential properties than a polished concrete floor due to its beauty and functionality.

Coulis flooring is a great alternative for uneven substrates and in commercial environments that require a more robust, but decorative polished concrete look.

For further information about coulis or microscreed flooring, or to speak to one of our skilled team about how coulis or microscreed flooring can provide a stylish alternative to polished concrete floors. Please call us today on 01446 746555 or e-mail us using this form.