Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Quotation?

A guide price for residential floors is between £80 – 120 / m2, but with larger floor areas this may reduce, so give us a call or send us an email and we will arrange a full survey and pricing service – free of charge.

Do you have a minimum size project?

No, we are happy to work on any size project, but we do unfortunately have a minimum visit charge which does vary depending on which type of floor and where your project is located.

Do you have standard colours?

Some colours are more popular, but the choice is limitless for our poured resin floors, whether a single colour or a duo colour, just choose from a RAL colour chart. Our microscreed floors have a wide range of colours that can be altered by the volume of pigment applied, so we can adjust the tone to suit you.

What surface can our floors be applied upon?

Our floors can be applied to screed, concrete, metal or timber. We can also lay over some tiles. Its important that the sub floor is flat, rigid and dry.

Do I need to remove the skirting boards?

We can either pour up to existing skirting boards or they can be removed. The choice is yours.

What is the lead time, following the placing of an Order?

Our lead-time is between 3-6 weeks following the order. We try to be as prompt and flexible as we can.

How long does a floor installation take?

Installation will normally take between 2-5 days depending upon the complexity and size of the project,

Do I need to move my furniture?

Yes. You would have to arrange for the floor area to be clear prior to work commencing.

What is the life expectancy of our floors?

In a domestic setting, the expected life expectancy of these systems is over 10 years. It is also possible to re-coat your floor to renew it, or you can even change colour.


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