Contemporary poured flooring like no other

MC Poured resin flooring is a stylish, seamless, contemporary poured flooring solution like no other. Although durable and sound dampening, our luxury poured flooring is also soft to the touch. The colour options are truly limitless, allowing you to choose a design which is unique to you.

MC Poured resin flooring is blended and applied by skilled craftsmen with years of experience creating luxury poured flooring. We produce seamless, waterproof, easy to clean, hypoallergenic, modern poured flooring. Our bespoke poured flooring is also compatible with underfloor heating.

MC Poured resin flooring is an aliphatic polyurethane, and although this may not mean that much to you, practically speaking, it ensures your luxury poured flooring is UV resistant, flexible (even capable of covering existing timber substrates) and very durable.


MC Poured Duo resin floor

MC Poured Duo to Living Room

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