Request Samples

We understand the need for clients to be able to handle our materials, so that they can appreciate the look, feel and finish of our beautiful products.

We are happy to meet with interior designers and Architects for commercial or larger residential projects. As part of this service we will showcase a selection of our most popular finishes and colours. If practical, it often makes sense to do this ‘on site’ so we can survey the space.

We are happy to send out small complimentary samples, such as teardrop Solacir Microscreed colour swatches. All we ask is a minimum donation of £5 made to our chosen charity.

Please follow this link to our Just Giving page, to make a donation and then contact us with your requirements.

Larger samples 600mm x 600mm are made to order and will require a larger donation (we suggest £25). Please note that it can take 2 weeks or more to produce the large samples, depending on our workload and the colour that you choose.

floor samples

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