We no longer send out free samples.

However we understand the need for clients to be able to handle the material, so that they can appreciate the look, feel and finish of our beautiful products.

Instead now ask that a small donation (minimum £5) is made to our chosen charity to cover the some of the cost of the sample production and the cost of postage.

Please follow this link to our Just Giving page, make a donation and then contact us with your requirements.

Available samples are listed below

Poured Genius Resin Floor Samples
100mm x 100mm

MC Poured Solo

100mm x 100mm single colour MC Poured Solo resin floor sample – £ 5.00 plus p&p (UK)

Available resin samples are subject to the colours that we have in stock.

Custom colours are possible, but they are more expensive


80mm diameter Microscreed or Coulis samples – £ 5.00 plus p&p (UK)


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